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Camouflage Specifications

Our Quality Camouflage Netting is easy to use, handle and store. Created by military/police personnel for many versatile applications.

  • UV Treated: Prevents them, from being seen. Protects the net from fading due to harsh natural conditions

  • Non-toxic: Friendly to our environment.

  • Lightweight, strong and durable: Constructed, using High-Tec strong, but lightweight, military spec rip-stop fabrics and coatings
  • .
  • 100% waterproof: Will not become water logged and heavy due to wet or damp conditions

  • Rot and Mold treated: Our nets will not rot or go moldy, modern fabrics and technology overcome this problem

  • Special leaf cut: We have gone to great lengths to "leaf cut" our fabric, to look and act like normal foliage in natural conditions

  • Quiet and Rustle free: The latest techniques have been used to ensure our nets are as quiet and rustle free as possible

  • Textured fabrics look more natural: The military rip-stop fabric gives our nets texture and depth, this helps our nets "blend" into the natural surroundings

  • Special coatings to reduce shine and glare: Once again our scientists have used modern military techniques to "dull" the special coating applied to our fabric

  • Remains pliable in extreme temperature ranges: The Camouflage can be used in most natural conditions the elements will throw at us. Remains pliable down to -40 deg f to + 140 deg f

  • Latest technology & techniques: By combining high spec military techniques, modern textiles and coating technology, our product is far superior

  • Fire retardant treatment: To the Pro series, Special flame retardant technology has been added for your safety
       (Tested to meet California Administrative Code, title 19, section 1237)

  • Compacts for ease of transport and storage: Using lightweight modern waterproof textiles, these nets will pack and compress. This lightweight factor also makes your job easier in the field for constructing simple hides and blinds

  • Reversible color option suits most applications: Working closely with our field people, military personnel and learning age old techniques used by animals, we believe our color ways will suit most natural conditions.

  • Military Style Series: Mesh attached for extra strength.

  • We're your source of camouflage netting. We have it for commercial to personal use. Order Online Today!

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