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Camo Netting
How Do You Use It For Halloween

Camouflage So you're building a Haunted Attraction and your trying to get the most materials for your money. Camouflage or Camo Nets are one of the answers! For years many have gone to military surplus in hope of find this versatile material. Now that we make it easy to buy, here are a few helpful hints on using camouflage netting for your event.

Camo Netting is a very versatile and strong materiel. It can be used as a canopy over a maze or scene. It is perfect for this use because it is not a solid materiel like a canvas tent or roof. That means that in most counties and cities, The Fire Marshal may NOT require fire sprinklers. It should be considered "Open Air". Our Camouflage Net is Fire retardant treated and UV resistant, so it will not be affected by the outdoors. If you plan on hanging anything off of the net, use the military style. It is reinforced with nylon netting.

Camo Wall Camo Netting can be used as the "building" materiel for a maze. There is no cutting, nailing, or painting! Just rig a wire or Tie line grid at least 8' above the floor and let your imagination decide on the layout. You can hide monsters or effects in the "walls". Add a little fog and some lights and the guest's visual depth perception is constantly being fooled. The maze seems to go on forever and end abruptly. Ghouls pop out of nowhere.

Camo Netting makes a good, cheap, and reusable costume. Dress you monsters in black or camouflage clothing and cover with a small net or use the personal camo system. Now just add a mask and you have a scary creature that materializes out of nowhere.

hide camo Camo Netting is a must have for any Halloween event. You can quickly cover sound or lighting equipment. Throw a few nets over your walls; no detail painting. Make creepy shafts of light with a blast of fog and a floodlight on the other side of the net. Add some Jute, also called Erosion Cloth, and you have a very believable swamp or forest. Camo nets even helps in distributing fog or smoke. Just hang a piece over the smoke or fog machine (do not lay it on the machine, this may melt the camo net) and it evenly distributes the fog into a cloud, not a thick blast.

Our Camo Netting comes in many colors. Standard Military Colors, Red, Orange, Black, Blue, Snow, Desert, Urban, Devil Red. These different colors allow you to use camo net in more places than before.

color camo
Themes / Scene  Color
Pirates   Black, Urban, Desert, Blue
Swamp, Forest, Outdoors  Forest Green, Desert
Strobe maze  Snow, Urban, Black
Hell, Sacrifice  Red, Black, Devil Red
Fun House, Clowns   Red, Blue, Black, Devil Red

You've been looking for years for a source of camouflage netting. We have it for commercial to personal use. Order Today!

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